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Laboratory Design: Establishing the Facility and Management Structure – 2010

Table of Contents:

1. The Role of Microbiology in a Pharmaceutical Quality Program by Anthony M. Cundell
2. Management Issues in the Microbiology Laboratory by Roger Dabbah
3. Quality Systems for the QC Microbiology Laboratory by Lucia Clontz
4. Laboratory Investigations of Microbiological Data Deviations (MDD) by Scott Sutton
5. Training Personnel in the Microbiology Laboratory by Michele M. Conway
6. Safety Considerations in the Quality Control Microbiology Laboratory by Scott Sutton
7. Microbiological Quality for the 21st Century by Linda Skowronsky
8. Design and Layout of the Microbiology Lab by William M. Bennett
9. Building and Equipping a Microbiology Laboratory: How to Budget Size and Cost by Bob Ferer and Scott Sutton
10. Laboratory Water by T. C. Soli
11. The Culture Facility — Procedures and Facility Design by Scott Sutton
12. The Media Kitchen: Preparation and Testing of Microbiological Culture Media by Tim Sandle
13. Environmental Monitoring of Microbiology Laboratories by Frank Settineri
14. The Laboratory Design and Layout for Microbial Identification by Anthony M. Cundell
15. Microbiology Manufacturing Support Laboratory by David A. Porter
16. Building or Remodeling a Laboratory for the Bacterial Endotoxin Test by Karen Zink McCullough

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Pharmaceutical Quality Control Microbiology A Guidebook to the Basics – 2007

Table of Contents:

Introduction (Click here to download >>>Introduction )
1. What is Microbiology and Why Do I Care?
2. Microbial Growth and Enumeration
3. Laboratory Design Concerns
4. Microbiology Laboratory Quality Control Practices
5. Microbial Identification Methods
6. Sterilization
7. Microbiology in the Clean Rooms and Aseptic Area Aseptic Processing
8. Process Control Tests: Raw Materials, Media Fills and Environmental Monitoring
9. Finished Product Tests
10. Investigations
11. Rapid Microbiological Methods in the QC Laboratory
12. Training

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