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The Microbiology Network, Inc. (MNI) is excited to announce a new area of consulting and training that will serve the field of industrial microbiology.  MNI was established in 1996 by Dr. Scott Sutton, a preeminent expert in the field of Quality Control Microbiology, ad a member of the United States Pharmacopeia Microbiology Expert Committee, among myriad other seminal publications and accomplishments.  We are working with clients who produce medical cannabis and are now serving the emerging Cannabis Quality Control (CQC) market.  In order to make the distinction between our medical cannabis consulting business and our consulting pharmaceutical business, we have branded our new division CQC”.  Some of the specific areas of consultation and training include:


•              Contamination controls: Provide solutions in terms of disinfection regimens, aseptic technique, and manufacturing personnel attire and behavior.

•              Investigations: Provide a prescriptive investigation technique

•              Microbiological testing: Provide consulting services relating to microbiological test methods, dependent upon your specific state’s Board of Health's requirements, including establishment of suitable laboratory facilities (layout, equipment, materials, etc.).

•              Standard Operating Procedures: Author SOPs, including contamination controls, investigations and microbiological testing.  In addition, we assist with establishment of a full spectrum of Quality systems, including change control, training, deviations, document control, etc., including SOPs.

•              Partnering:  We can partner with you if you have the need to address microbiological concerns with your State Board of Health.

•              Formulation of Edibles: Our nutritionist can work with your staff’s medical doctors to formulate edibles that address specific health concerns or preferences, such as gluten sensitivity, diabetes, obesity, cancer, vegan, etc., including adherence to proper food sanitation requirements.





We’ve assembled a basic and customizable CQC curriculum, geared specifically to the medical cannabis manufacturing community, and offer on-site training covering all of the above areas.  We can also work with you to develop training modules tailored to your organization’s specific needs.  Curricula will include:



·        GMP for Cannabis Quality Control

o   This two-day intensive course provides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training tailored specifically to the needs of cannabis manufacturing and can be tailored for laboratory analysts, manufacturing operators and/or management. The course covers basic U.S. GMP’s (and the reasons behind the regulations). This course uses the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to focus on current practice and science behind contamination control, as well as general Quality Systems.

·        Contamination Control for Manufacturing Personnel – CQC

o   This one-day course is designed for manufacturing personnel. This course focuses on the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of the operations as well as the reasons behind those requirements.


·        Contamination Control for Manufacturing Management - CQC

o   This two-hour course on pharmaceutical microbiology is designed for manufacturing and laboratory management, focusing on providing an overview of the need for cleanliness and contamination control.




A series of webinars will be presented to discuss contamination control, environmental monitoring, SOP’s and microbiological testing, as well as other topics of interest.  Our first CQC webinar, entitled “Cannabis Quality Control: An Introduction to the Portfolio of Services by the Microbiology Network, Inc.” (date TBD).  The webinar is free of charge, and we encourage you to attend.  Registration information will be listed here once the webinar date has been confirmed.


The CQC List:


We are also announcing the launch of our new subscription-based and sponsor-supported discussion group designed specifically for the medical cannabis industry – the CQCList.  Like Microbiology Network’s well-known and highly esteemed PMFList, the CQCList will become a valuable forum for professionals in the medical cannabis community who are striving to understand, establish and implement best practices within their areas of concern.


Information sharing within the field of cannabis production, on a peer-to-peer and producer-to-subject matter expert platform, holds the potential to be a uniquely valuable resource, as has been proven by the success of the PMFList.


All professionals within the medical cannabis community are invited, at no cost.  We look forward to working together to further our common goals and to setting a high bar for standards and quality at an exciting time in our industry!


To subscribe to the CQCList, please follow this link: http://microbiologynetwork.com/subscription_form.asp



Our team of consultants and trainers stand ready to help you!


For further information or to speak with one of our expert consultants, please e-mail Mary Ellen Sutton at msutton@microbiologynetwork.com.