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Microbiology Lab Operations

The Microbiology Network can handle all QC laboratory consulting needs. Our experts have extensive experience in

  • Lab Design

    With decades of experience in industrial applications, our consultants wrote the book on QC microbiology lab design. Use our expertise to help design and build your lab, or refine the existing facility.

  • Lab Management

    The Microbiology Network consultants are all established leaders and consultants in the pharma-related industries. Use our expertise in training your lab management, or in assisting in getting the lab on a strong track for compliant science. We wrote the book on QC Microbiology.

  • Lab Investigations

    Microbiology lab investigations are difficult and rely on an in-depth understanding of the GMPs, the process, methods used for QC testing and the science of microbiology. Critical to this effort is adequate proactive documentation. Let us assist in setting up your systems to allow for efficient investigations using a solid, proven approach.

  • SOP Structure & Generation

    The establishment of a strong SOP system is critical to the success of the lab and the reliability of the data generated by that lab. Consistent data interpretation, comprehensive training program results, valid test designs all rely on the adequacy and completeness of the SOP system. Beyond this, a defensible rationale for policy decisions may make the difference between successful audits and 483 observations, or worse, Warning Letter citations. Let us assist your facility in review of your SOP system design for compliance and scientific completeness.

  • GMP and Technical Training

    Supplement your training program with in-house courses specific to your needs. Alternately, contract for a specific webinar course for your specific needs. Whatever the level of your training situation, the Microbiology Network can provide a specific and appropriate solution.

  • Establishment & Refinement of Lab Control Systems

    Operating a lab is a complex procedure. Let our experts assist in ensuring the complete and adequate coverage of the following lab control systems:

    • Aseptic Technique
    • Control of Media
    • Control of Test Strains
    • Control of Equipment
    • Lab Lay-out and Operations
    • Sample Handling
    • Training of Staff
    • Laboratory Resources
    • Control of Data and Documentation
    • Interpretation of Results